Mosaic is a concert performed by dance company MoveSpeakSpin about peace, justice, culture, and conflict in the Middle East, as well as larger issues of war and peace in the contemporary world. The title refers to the range of subjects that inspired the choreography, from the Palestinian/Israeli struggle to the mosaic tilings common in Middle Eastern art.


The performance will include several dances set to Jewish diaspora and Arabic folk songs recorded by Santa Cruz-based world music group Zambra. The mathematics of Islamic tiling designs will be portrayed through live video “tessellations” (or mosaics) of dancers. Audience interactions will engage students in actively contemplating how war, peace, and justice affect us all.


Content Connections: Math • History & Social Science • Geography • Visual & Performing Arts • Music

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April 12, 2019 9:30AM


Carriage House Theatre


Mosaic, 9:30am

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